How to Get Your Lawn Mower Ready For The Season

Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready For The Season 

Your lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment in your lawn care routine. Even if you took the proper steps to winterize it last fall, you’ll still want to give your lawn mower a thorough check to get it ready for this season. Taking a few moments to give your mower some care will ensure that it runs properly and gives you grass a great cut all season.

1. Give It a Tune Up

Tuning up your mower gives you a number of advantages. If you have a gas model, it will increase fuel economy while also reducing emissions. A tune-up will also extend the engine’s life and reduce repair costs.

You’ll need to have several items on hand to complete the job, such as air filters, oil and the correct spark plug for your model. You’ll also find any tools you’ll need at our store, including socket/ratchet sets and spark plugs.

For more on giving your lawn mower engine a tune up, check out this article from our friends over at the Family Handyman.

2. Change the Oil First

Start the mower to allow the oil to warm a little and let it run for a few minutes. Once the motor is off, remove the drain plug and tilt the mower to drain the oil. Weiders has you covered with a wide variety of engine oils. If you are unsure of the type of oil that is best for your lawn mower, consult your users manual before filling. Once all of the oil has been drained, replace the drain plug and refill the oil compartment. 

Before proceeding to the next step and attempting to remove the mower blade, remove the spark plug with a spark plug wrench or deep socket wrench. Removing the spark plug while you remove the blade for sharpening will prevent any chance that the mower may start while attempting to remove the blade. Replace the spark plug when you are finished with the remaining maintenance. Hand-turn it first and then proceed by ratcheting it down and give it another quarter turn to secure it.

3. Blade Sharpening

A perfectly manicured lawn needs sharp mower blades. Dull blades can cause the tips of grass blades to sustain significant damage which will make your lawn look brown and dead. Manufacturers recommend that you sharpen blades at least once a year. Do yourself a favor and let us do the work. Our store has blade sharpening services that will give your blade a perfect cutting edge, and help your lawn look it’s best.

4. Give the Mower a Thorough Clean & Lube

Use a rag or a brush along with water to clean the top and underside of grass clipping and other debris. A putty knife or other small tool is useful for removing caked-on matter. Once everything is clean, lubricate all moving parts. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine which parts, such as ball bearings, should receive lubrication. This task will help your mower work better through the long lawn care season.

Proper annual maintenance can give your mower a long life and ensure that it’s ready to use when you need it.

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