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Who we are

Robert S. Lull, long time owner of Weider's Hardware, once located in downtown Rochester, pats a plaster-of -paris horse, which was in the store's window since it opened in 1938. Data Source: Monday, March 12th, 2001 edition of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

“It was in 1879 when John A. Weider opened his horse-and-harness supply business on Spring Street in downtown Rochester. Flash forward to today, Weiders Hardware operates stores in Honeoye Falls, Brighton and Perinton, serving the Greater Rochester Area.”

Weiders Hardware has moved quite a few times over the years. By the early 1900s, when hardware was added to the offerings, Weiders moved to State Street (West Main & Broad). From there, it was on to West Main Street, where the store remained for more than half a century before it was demolished for the Inner Loop project in 1967. In 1961, Weiders opened a second location in Suburban Plaza on East Henrietta Road in Henrietta. The Honeoye Falls store opened in 1998. The Henrietta shop closed in 2005, and the Brighton store opened in a former Lilac Cleaners shop near Twelve Corners in the spring of 2011. In 2015 the decision was made to switch suppliers for the Honeoye Falls store and Weiders Hardware joined Ace.

Our Mission

In 1929, on the 50th anniversary of the opening of his business, John A. Weider is quoted as saying “Give them what they want”. John A. Weider believed that it was his commitment to excellent customer service which helped his horse and harness business thrive during the rise of the motor age.

Today, Weiders Hardware operates with the same commitment to excellent customer service.

Clipping from the Monday January 21st, 1929 edition of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
This advertisement appears in the Monday, January 21st, 1929 edition of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, celebrating John A. Weider & Son's 50th year of business in Rochester, NY.
Business Moves





After two short years in their original location,  John A . Weider moved his business to what is now South Ave and Court Street. 

Records show the official address of J. A.  Weider, Harness Maker moving around multiple times in the area of what was then St. Paul Street multiple times between 1881 and 1884. It was finally observed as being at 143St. Paul Street in 1884.

Data Sources: Monday, January 21st, 1929 Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Page 28 | Link To Annotated Map | Link to Complete Map via Library of Congress | 1881 Rochester Directory | 1882 Rochester Directory | 1883 Rochester Directory | 1884 Rochester Directory

Harness Listing in the Rochester City Directory
December 8th, 1886
Advertisement for John A. Weider in the Democrat & Chronicle
Weider's Listing in the Rochester business Directory
July 17th, 1893
Help Wanted ad for Harness Stichers


Featured in the Democrat & Chronicle

November 3rd, 1896
John A. Weider Patents a Horse Collar

"Be it known that I, John A. Weider of Rochester, in the county of Monroe and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Horse-Collars"

John A. Weider invented a new type of horse collar that was able to be separated at the bottom making it easier for the operator to put on and remove.

Data Source: US Patent 570887A (Archived by Google Patents)

April 14th, 1912
Posting in the Democrat & Chronicle Classifieds





Around this time John A. Weider moved his business to 24 Spring St. in Rochester, NY.

February 1st, 1926
Phillip Weider Admitted into the Partnership

John A. Weider's son, Phillip F. Weider, is admitted in to a full partnership with his father, and the business becomes John A. Weider & Son.

February 10th, 1927
John A. Weider & Son Purchase W. H Rowerdink & Son's Harness Department
January 2oth, 1929
John A. Weider & Son Celebrate 50 Years in Rochester
January 28th, 1936
John A. Weider Dies






This obituary from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle says that John A. Weider died at age 75 due to complications from an extended illness.

Note: The obituary incorrectly states that John A. Weider died in 1935. John A. Weider died in 1936.

Data Source: Wednesday, January 29th, 1936 edition Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

September 21st, 1961
Weider's hardware Opens in Suburban Plaza

September 1961, John Weider Co. Opens a location in Suburban Plaza in Henrietta. This store is a part of the Pro group. This store secondary to the store located at 257 Broad St. in downtown Rochester, NY.

Newspaper archives contain a news article about the opening of the new store. This article was published on Thursday, September 21st, 1961, however, prior to this article, an advertisement for an event taking place in Suburban Plaza lists Weider's Hardware as a sponsor of the event. This advertisement was published on Friday, June 30th, 1961.

Data Sources: Thursday, September 21st, 1961 edition of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle | Friday, June 30th, 1961 edition of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Weider's on West Main & Broad St. Closes

In 1967, Weider's Hardware on West Main & Broad closes to make way for the Inner Loop Project

Ned Green & Greg Lull buy the Business

Ned Green and his brother in-law Greg Lull in partnership, buy the Weiders business from Robert "Bob" & Joanne Lull. Joanne Lull was the Granddaughter of John A. Weider.

Weider's Hardware Opens New Location in Honeoye Falls, NY
Weider's Hardware in Suburban Plaza Closes
August 11th, 2011
Weider's Hardware Opens a Location in Brighton

Owner Ned Green opened a new location in Brighton, NY, located in the space formerly occupied by the Lilac Laundromat near Twelve Corners.

Pictured above is the board cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening.

Weider's Hardware in Honeoye Falls transitions to Ace














To meet the increasing needs of the community, Weiders Hardware in Honeoye Falls, decided to move away from the Pro Hardware group and joined the Ace Hardware group.

Pictured with Ned Green at the board cutting ceremony is Honeoye Falls Mayor Rick Milne and Bryan Piligra from Congressman Chris Collins office.

Weider's Hardware in Brighton Transitions to Emery Jensen

To meet the increasing needs of the community, Weiders Hardware in Brighton, decided to move away from the Pro Hardware group and joined the Emery Jensen, a new affiliate of Ace Hardware.

October, 2021
Weider's Hardware Opens Third Location in Perinton

For the first time in Weider's history,  three locations will be open in Rochester!