Donation Request

Donation Requests

 Weiders Hardware is proud to be a community partner and supporter by helping fund local charitable organizations, projects and events. We invite you to fill out the Sponsorship/Donation Request Form below, and we will review it for consideration. All donation requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and donations are not guaranteed. Personal requests will not be accepted.

Donation Request Form

    Please note that a completed application is not an agreement to honor your request. A previous donation does not guarantee a donation will be offered again for a specific event or donation amount. By accepting a donation from our company, you are giving us permission to publish your organization as the recipient of a donation.Please only submit your application once. Applications are reviewed on an as received basis. Applicants should expect a response within 3-5 weeks. We may not be able to accommodate requests for funding on short notice. Please apply as early as possible.